Prof Richard Bardgett (Richard’s University profile)
Prof David Johnson
Dr Franciska De Vries (Franciska’s University profile)
Dr Marina Semchenko (Marina’s University profile)
Dr Ellen Fry
Dr Jocelyn Lavallee
Dr Angela Straathof
Dr Jonathan De Long
Dr Irene Cordero
Dr Helen Snell
Dr Mathilde Chomel
Xubing Liu (Aberdeen)
Fiona Fraser (Aberdeen)
Sabine Both (Aberdeen)
Tom Parker (Heriot Watt)

Technical Staff

Deborah Ashworth
Amy Hall
Dr James Pritchard
Dr Jennifer Rhymes
Holly Langridge
Dr Ully Kritzler

PhD students

Melanie Edgar
Hayley Craig
Cristina Heredia Acuña
Christopher Sweeny
Rosemary Cooper
Reuben Margerison
Andy Cole (Lancaster University)
Beth Brockett (Lancaster University)
Conor Hope
José Van Paassen (Aberdeen Uni)
Aqilah Mustafa Bakray (Aberdeen Uni)
Mike Ogden (Aberdeen Uni)
Jenny Slater (James Hutton Institute)
Matthew Guy (Stirling University)
Peggy Ehrlich (James Hutton Institute)
Jill Mayberry (Aberdeen Uni)
Jacob Hargreaves (Aberdeen Uni)

Past Staff

Dr Maarten Schrama


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