Maarten Schrama – personal profile

My research has a strong focus on ecosystem processes and the factor that cause stability or instability in ecosystem functioning. The first part of my project is about invasive species. It has been shown that some ecosystems are more vulnerable to invasion than others but this phenomenon is currently not well understood. This project aims to understand the key driving principles behind successful settlement of invasive exotic plant species and focuses on the role of the microbial community and its reaction to disturbances. The second part of this project is about effects of large herbivores on long-term stability of soil carbon, nutrients and soil food webs. Large herbivores dominate ecological processes in upland grasslands, but little is known about the effect they have on the medium to very long term. This is particularly relevant as almost 1/3 of all soil carbon is stored in grasslands. In this study, I use a range of long-term (25-85-year old) grazing experiments, spread out across the latitudinal gradient of the UK. Besides field measurements at all the different sites, we carried out climate chamber experiments were carried out to investigate the effect of realistic climate scenarios on ecosystem stability.
Maarten Schraama
Maarten Schrama – personal profile

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