Angela Straathof – personal profile

I’m very keen on better understanding the intricate linkages between soil (micro)biological and chemical processes. After completing my MSc on the microbial ecology of the soil N-cycle at the University of Guelph (Canada), I moved to Wageningen UR (The Netherlands) where my research focused on the cycling of soil C. My PhD research explored how C additions to soil change the chemistry of soil C in a way that protects plants from diseases. One particularly complex source of soil C, and the current focus of my research, is root-exudate C that is released by plants. My post-doctoral research with Dr. Franciska de Vries aims to understand how root-exudate C drives the structure and activity of the soil microbial community, and how plants modify the nature of their exudates when they experience drought and warming. My research is funded by the BBSRC.

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Angela Straathof
Angela Straathof – personal profile

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