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Surface-water-gley developed in glacial till, Northern Ireland. Reproduced with kind permission of HolgerK, Wikipedia.


Cristina Heredia Acuña – personal profile

I get my Bachelor Degree in Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico on Biology (2004-2008) and my Master Degree in Colegio de Postgraduados in Edaphology (2009-2011)

My PhD research at the UoM will try to elucidate the mechanisms through which roots affect soil C cycling, in monocultures and in species mixtures. I will focus on root turnover and decomposition. Additionally, I will be testing how these processes could be affected by events like drought and warming. Using field and glasshouse experiments, and a combination of non-destructive methodologies, joint with litter bags and chemical analysis to determine changes on carbon dynamics.

Cristina Heredia Acuña – personal profile