Irene Cordero – personal profile

I am postdoc researcher in the lab, with Richard Bardgett as supervisor. Here I work in a project entitled “Resistance and resilience of soil microbial communities under intense land use and extreme drought: consequences for ecosystem functioning”. The main objective of this project is to evaluate how changes in the diversity and composition of soil microbial communities (bacteria and fungi) impacts their ability to withstand and recover from repeated perturbations, and understand the consequences of this for ecosystem functioning (nutrient cycling, greenhouse gasses emission, carbon storage, etc.). This project is funded by the “Ramón Areces Foundation”.

Previously I carried out my PhD in the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) and The University Complutense of Madrid in the different determinants for forest regeneration and the potential use of beneficial soil microorganisms for ecological restoration in the Atiquipa Forest of Peru. I evaluated the effect on the main tree species of forest management, abiotic conditions (drought and light stress) and biotic relationships (soil microorganisms).


Irene Cordero – personal profile

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