Rosie McEwing – personal profile

In my role as a Research Technician within the Soil and Ecosystem Ecology lab, I provide technical support within the laboratory, glasshouses and at field sites, to a number of research activities within the BBSRC funded project; ‘The root to stability – the role of plant roots in ecosystem response to climate change’.
My key areas of interest focus on how plants respond to and influence their local environments, and how these processes can be defined in terms of ecosystem services to help understand their wider implications for global change. In particular, I am interested in these relationships within agricultural and urban settings, however have previously focused work within arctic environments, conducting research projects that investigated and quantified the importance of vegetation and environmental variables contributing to the spatial variation in CH4 fluxes within arctic tundra.

Previously, I have studied a BSc in Biology at the University of Sheffield and a MSc in Ecosystem Services at the University of Edinburgh.

Rosie McEwing – personal profile

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