Amy Hall – personal profile

I work as a research technician on a Wessex BESS project involving the interaction between above and below-ground processes on chalk grassland. The fieldwork takes place on Salisbury Plain, where we collect and bring the samples back to the lab for processing. I complete protocols to extract compounds and run the machinery for sample processing such as: Auto analysers, Total Organic Carbon, Gas Chromatographer and CN. I am currently also working on a BES funded mesocosm experiment looking at root architecture and plasticity in response to drought, this uses CT scanned potted plants to generate a measurement and 3D model of undisturbed roots, using novel software and techniques.
My background is in Zoology and conservation, so my initial interest lies there, however I would like to do further research with soil fauna and pollinators.
Twitter: @amylouisehall88
Amy Hall
Amy Hall – personal profile