Jonathan De Long; personal profile

I am investigating how above- and below ground plant functional trait diversity affects green house gas emissions, litter decomposition and plant-soil feedbacks in managed semi-natural grasslands near Selside, England.

I recently finished my PhD at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in UmeƄ, Sweden. My research focused primarily on plant and soil community responses to climate change along environmental gradients. Two of my thesis chapters were based on research from along a subarctic elevational gradient near Abisko, Sweden, where I conducted research examining the abiotic and biotic soil drivers of plant growth and the response of plant defence compounds to nutrient addition and elevation. My other two chapters involved a post-fire successional chronosequence in the boreal forest near Arvidsjaur, Sweden, where I looked at plant/soil community and decomposition/nutrient cycling responses to increased temperature and functional plant group manipulation.

My research interests include:

  • Abiotic/biotic controls of plant invasion
  • Plant-soil-climate feedbacks
  • Plant defence compounds
  • Plant-mycorrhizae interactions
  • Nematode-plant interactions
  • Environmental gradients as drivers of plant & soil communities and processes
  • Plant traits as drivers of ecosystem processes

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Jonathan De Long; personal profile