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I am a soil ecologist with a particular interest on the interactions between plant and soil communities to understand their consequences for ecosystem functioning, and their response to global change. My main research goal is a mechanistic understanding of the drivers of biogeochemical cycles using experimental approaches in the field and the laboratory. I develop multidisciplinary approach with a particular interest on i) the litter decomposition process, ii) the soil food web structure and iii) the relation between plant chemistry and soil communities. I am actually a Postdoctoral Research Associate investigating the stability of the soil system in the face of land use and climate change, as part of the NERC Soil Security Programme.

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Sept 2015 – Aug 2018 Post Doctoral Research Associate, University of Aberdeen. NERC/BBSRC Soil Security Program “Controls on the stability of soils and their functioning under land use and climate change” (D. Johnson and R. Bardgett)

Sept 2013 – Aug 2015 Temporary assistant professor (ATER), Aix-Marseille University, Mediterranean Institute of Biodiversity and ecology (IMBE). Teaching in ecology, plant biology, biostatistics and soil sciences (Licence and Master level)

May 2010 – Nov 2014 PhD – IMBE and Forest Research Institute (IRF, Quebec) – «Mixing hybrid poplar and white spruce in plantations: impact on the litter decomposition process and carbon storage» (V. Baldy, A. DesRochers, M. Larchevêque)

Sept. 2009 – March 2010 Internship in functional ecology – IMBE – «How Pinus halepensis secondary metabolism affect litter decomposition process after colonization on wasteland». (V. Baldy)

2009 MSc. – IMBE – « Fate of secondary metabolites contain in Pinus halepensis litter and impact on decomposers during decomposition in Provence region». (V. Baldy and C. Fernandez)

 Mathilde Chomel
Mathilde Chomel – personal profile