Reuben Margerison – personal profile

I am a BBSRC-funded doctoral researcher here at The University of Manchester. My research interests are plant genomics, metabolomics, and physiology, as well as plant-microbe interactions. My PhD work is focused on specifically how root exudation is controlled by both the plant and the environment.

I am interested in how plant roots control their exudation, as this has far-reaching implications for global food security and ecosystem functioning. I strive to understand how these functions are controlled by plants, and how these exudates influence the soil microbial community. My work to identify at the genetic and molecular levels how plants regulate their root exudates under changing climatic conditions uses both the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and the agricultural crop Barley (Hordeum vulgare), and involves DNA and RNA sequencing, and metabolite annotation using MS-based techniques.

I am also based in the Laboratory of Bioanalytical Spectroscopy at Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, and have recently taken an internship at the University of Tokyo.

Prior to starting at The University of Manchester, I completed my undergraduate degree at Imperial College London, with a project on the effect of melatonin on plant root organ regeneration in the Laboratory of Plant Morphogenesis. I achieved my Master of Research degree at the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Integrative Biology, where I studied the effect of climate change on plant-microbe interactions.


Reuben Margerison – personal profile